Friday, September 3, 2010

Blip Nation Interview: Meet purplesime

Blipper since: August 21, 2008

"The Internet is the best place to transcend geographical divides and discover bands that are truly local."

 Pete Dulin: What part of the world do you live in?

purplesime: London, UK

Dulin: Why do you blip music on Blip.FM?

purplesime: I love music and I love discovering new bands. I want to share my finds with others and discover new stuff through other people blipping their faves/finds.

Dulin: What other ways do you listen to music? (iPod, stereo, other online services?)

purplesime: I use a variety of ways: radio, streaming online (, T61,, blogs, iPod and from friends online.

Dulin: What is the earliest age that you can remember listening to music? What artists/bands did you like in your youth?

purplesime: I recall having my own record player when I was four years-old. I’ve always loved music and can play a variety of instruments. I never had a favourite band as a kid, but picked stuff up from a range of genres, including hip hop in the 1980s, soul, jazz, heavy metal, madchester scene, etc.

Dulin: Have your music tastes changed as an adult? How?

purplesime: Yes, they’ve become more inclusive of more genres. I’ve basically widened my tastes.

Dulin: What are some artists that you have discovered on Blip.FM that others should know about? Why?

purplesime: Califone, Bear in Heaven… oh, the list could go on!

Dulin: Generally speaking, do you think there are broad cultural differences between music audiences in the UK versus other parts of Europe, the US, or the rest of the world? Explain.

purplesime: I think there are certainly cultural differences, but mostly in terms of genres. For example, dancehall is very Caribbean. However, that’s not to say specific musical genres don’t translate: they do.

Dulin: Does viewing a music video affect your interest in a song? Any examples?

purplesime: Sometimes but it only serves to enhance the listening pleasure. Radiohead is an example of a band that makes the listening experience resonate more – for me, anyway.

Dulin: How does music, whether playing/listening on Blip.FM or elsewhere, affect your behavior, reflect your mood, or express your personality from day to day?

purplesime: Not much. I will often move a song forward if it’s not helping me in my day job (writing adverts) but generally music is a big part of the creative process for me.

Dulin: Where do you learn about and hear new music?

purplesime: Mostly from blogs. It used to be from friends or the local record store, but now the Internet is the best place to transcend geographical divides and discover bands that are truly local.

Dulin: What is the last live show/concert you attended?

purplesime: I saw Everything Everything today (Friday 3 September) at an in-store performance in HMV on Oxford Street.

Dulin: How does a live music experience relate to your music listening habits or buying behavior, if at all?
purplesime: It usually makes me dig out the record/mp3s and play it/them.

Dulin: Since you began blipping, have you had any experiences that surprised you? Please explain.

purplesime: All the time. Someone will blip a song that I don’t know and I will start to research the artist more, which usually leads me to discover even more artists. Blip.FM is a source of constant surprise.

Dulin: If you could blip one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

purplesime: This changes all the time but if I really had to choose I’d say “Up The Bracket” by The Libertines.

Dulin: Any other thoughts to share?

purplesime: I’m always truly amazed by the camaraderie of the people I follow on Blip.FM. I’ve made some really good friends – even though we’ve never met – and discovered a huge amount of new music. And I don’t see that stopping!


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