Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blip Nation Interview: Meet Joebug

Blipper since: May 5, 2009

The Bryan Adams Bare Bones tour.... Man that guy has like 800 romantic power ballads (and I love them all!)

Joebug's official mascots, the Great Pyrenees and the Puggle.

Pete Dulin: What part of the world do you live in?

Joebug: Alberta, Canada

Dulin: Why do you blip music on Blip.FM?

Joebug: To discover new music, to rediscover old music, to not listen to commercials!

Dulin: What is the earliest age that you can remember listening to music? What artists/bands did you like in your youth?

Joebug: My parents were both really into music. I grew up on Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Annie Lennox, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell...I could go on for a long time.

Dulin: Have your music tastes changed as an adult? How?

Joebug: I would say not really. Although my appreciation of really good hip hop has become finely tuned of late thanks to my husband.

Dulin: What are some artists that you have discovered on Blip.FM that others should know about? Why?

Joebug: Everyone should know about Hannah Georgas and Dan Mangan, and the Canadian indie scene in general.

Dulin: Generally speaking, do you think there are broad cultural differences between music audiences in Canada versus Europe, the US, or the rest of the world?

Joebug: I don't really know if I can answer that. I think we do have a tendency to be more aware of what's going on with music on a local level. Blip.FM is great because you get to listen to a lot of stuff you might not have been aware of.

Dulin: Does viewing a music video affect your interest in a song? Any examples?

Joebug: I would tend to say no, although there have been some pretty influential music videos...Nirvana comes to mind.

Dulin: How does music, whether playing/listening on Blip.FM or elsewhere, affect your behavior, reflect your mood, or express your personality from day to day?

Joebug: Music definitely affects emotions. I can definitely tell when I'm listening to something I'm not in the mood for.

Dulin: Where do you learn about and hear new music?

Joebug: CBC Radio 3, ChartAttack, !Earshot, along with numerous music blogs (iheartmusic and HearYa are definitely favorites) and Blip.FM, of course.

Dulin: What is the last live show/concert you attended?

Joebug: That would be the Bryan Adams Bare Bones tour. Man that guy has like, 800 romantic power ballads (and I love them all!)

Dulin: How does a live music experience relate to your music listening habits or buying behavior, if at all?

Joebug: If I like it, I buy it (or at least blip it.)

Dulin: Since you began blipping, have you had any experiences that surprised you? Please explain.

Joebug: The community is nice. It's cool to see the same people on all the time and chat in mutual neglect of work/life, ha.

Dulin: If you could improve or change the Blip.FM experience in any way, then what would you suggest?

Joebug: There are probably a few things I would change about the website, but I'll leave that to the development team. They do a great job.

Dulin: If you could blip one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

Joebug: Off the top of my head, how about “Big Bird in a Small Cage” by Patrick Watson.


Pete Dulin is the co-publisher and editor of www.presentmagazine.com and writes freelance for magazines, websites, and newspapers. Always looking for the next great song, he can be found in the Blip Nation at http://blip.fm/slipperydistortion. He unleashes profound non sequiturs at Twitter.com/petedulin and publishes creative work at www.petedulin.com.

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