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Blip Nation Interview: Meet anothercraze                                             
Blipper since: March 3, 2009

"The DJs I follow play mind-blowing music every single day that I've never heard before."

Pete Dulin: What part of the world do you live in?

anothercraze: Manhattan, Kansas, ironically nicknamed "The Little Apple."

Dulin: Do you listen to local/regional music in your much? Favorite artists?

anothercraze: Arthur Dodge and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk are both worth checking out if you're in the Manhattan/Lawrence area.

Dulin: How does a live music experience relate to your music listening habits or buying behavior, if at all?

anothercraze: Listening to live music changes a lot about how you allow yourself to hear music, whether you realize it at the time or not. Studio recordings have a certain mixed sound, and growing up I always thought that's exactly how I wanted a band to sound when I saw them. But that's selling the live experience short. There's no stereo in the world that completely immerse you in sound the same way attending a show does. Bands that love performing, you can see it how they interact with one another and the audience and I think being a party to that can really turn sounds into something else, something visceral + inimitable.

Dulin: What about Blip.FM appeals to you for listening to and playing music?

anothercraze: 1) Having access to the songs I'm in the mood for at the click of a button. It's a fix, and that's where it starts. 2) Hearing music I would never in my wildest dreams been able to find. The DJs I follow play mind-blowing music every single day that I've never heard before. What else could anyone ask for in a internet radio station? 3) Having 150 characters per song is the perfect amount of space to chat w/ friends, get and give music recommendations, talk about upcoming concerts, or share lil' musical footnotes.

Dulin: Name at least essential five bands/artists/songs that you'd include on a mix for a roadtrip.


1. Drivin' on 9 - The Breeders
2. The Adjuster - Octopus Project
3. Tram 21 - Electrelane
4. Mt - Super Furry Animals
5. Vitamin C - Can
6. Black Eyes - tielman Brothers
7. U Ba Khin - Starfucker
8. Autorock - Mogwai
9. Reckoner - Radiohead
10. Coda - Clinic

Dulin: What song do you hate to hear at a wedding?

anothercraze: Eesh, I dunno...Billy Joel springs to mind.

Dulin: What 1-3 songs would you want played at your funeral? Any particular reason?

anothercraze: I don't plan on dying, so I'll move on to the next question.

Dulin: Do you remember the first music you ever purchased? What was it? Format (record, tape, CD, mp3)? Why did you buy it?  

anothercraze: TLC's Crazy Sexy Cool CD when I was in elementary school because my sign language teacher wanted to teach us how to sign along to those lyrics...which was about AIDS I believe (good times). Anyway I thought it was catchy. I think eventually I got some Janet Jackson, but the first CD I remember buying and wearing out to the point I had to buy another copy was Stone Temple Pilots Tiny Music in 7th grade.

Dulin: You appear to have the gift of gab and a quick wit as far as your Blip.FM commentary. Are you the same in face-to-face conversations?

anothercraze: Unfortunately for my parents, I've been like this my whole life.

Dulin: Do you have any thoughts about the anonymity of a social medium like Blip.FM and how people connect and/or get to know each other in that online music community?

anothercraze: I think connecting over music is a great way to get to know someone. Maybe the very best.

Dulin: Where do you learn about and hear new music?

anothercraze: Besides Blip.FM, my music mags are The Wire and Under the Radar. Don't really follow blogs, although I prolly should. For radio, "Sound Opinions" is a great talk show on music that I try to listen to every week.

Dulin: When you're feeling sad or depressed, do you have a "go to" song or artist to help cope? 

anothercraze: Cat Power's album You Are Free.
Dulin: What song or artist do you think you've blipped most in the past month? Why?

anothercraze: Been blipping a lot of the new Autolux album, which is real peachy if you haven't heard it yet.

Dulin: If you could Blip.FM one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

anothercraze: I'd push Chopin's "Waltz Op. 64 No.2" simply because its the most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard.

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