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Blip Nation Interview: Meet sliddy

Blipper since: November 23, 2009

Pete Dulin: Where in the world do you live?

sliddy: Broomfield, Colorado between Boulder and Denver. Suburb city baby!

Dulin: What is the appeal of Blip.FM for you?

sliddy: Discovering new music....also, connecting with like-minded people and talking about what's out there. Those close (proximity-wise) don't necessarily get my taste. Blip.FM is a way to engage with those who are passionate and open about music. I love it! Work has been stifling it a lot lately though.

Dulin: What's the first music that you ever purchased? Record, cassette, CD, other?

sliddy: Embarrassing as this may be, I'm willing to admit it....."Cooleyhighharmony"....Boyz II Men babyyyyyyyy

Dulin: Is there a family member or friend that has had a significant influence on your music tastes? If so, who? Tell us how they influence(d) you.

sliddy: Friends over the years have influenced me. First being Karl and Pixies. We're not friends so much now, but I remember being 21 and hearing 'Broken Face' and wondering what the hell it was and who was creating it. I was memorized.

Dulin: If you could play one song to rock your office and get the staff dancing on their desks in accounting, what would you play?

sliddy: Hard one, 'cause I work in an office consumed by males. I've had to assert myself and then some! They are old school and dig Hendrix, Lynyrd Sknyrd, Johnny Cash, and are obsessed with Youtube. I find that I exceed highly when I bring up John Hughes' movies and reference those soundtracks.

Dulin: What artist(s) is over-played on Blip.FM?

sliddy: Call me a peace-loving hippie-dippy type, but I don't think anything is over-played. People are on Blip.FM to explore and play music that inspires them and appeals to their ears. To each his own.

Dulin: What song reminds you of being in love? Of being heartbroken?

sliddy: Being on the receiving end of a break-up at 22 was hard. Death Cab - "Tiny Vessels." I was the dumpee. "She is beautiful but she doesn'/don't mean a thing to me...." Words resonated forever. Not that I think I'm beautiful, but the intention of those lyrics fit my situation perfectly. Glad I'm not 22 anymore!

Dulin: What song or lyric do you wish you would have written? Why?

sliddy: Azure Ray- "Rise"

This exemplified a difficult period in my life and made me feel as though someone in the world understood. Actually though, now that I'm older I realize that it's not about what I was going through. I'm beyond happy that it helped even so. Also, it's hauntingly beautiful.

Dulin: What kind of music bores you?

sliddy: Jazz. I feel bad dogging any sort of genre, but jazz makes me crazy. My step-dad plays Kenny G sometimes. No thank you. And also, though I've been judgmental on Facebook regarding country, I can tolerate various types. No honky-tonk. The twang drives me nuts. And if your dog died (huge animal lover) it's a private thing. :)

Dulin: What would you recommend to Blip.FM newcomers?

sliddy: Explore, explore, explore. Find different things you enjoy and don't be influenced by props. Blip.FM to me is about having fun and listening to new/old music for free and for fun! I've come across so much sound that I never would have had it not been for this site.

Dulin: You're trapped in an elevator. What country song would you not want to hear repeatedly?

sliddy: I don't know much country, but I will tell you that growing up my mother and I listened to Garth Brooks 'Picket Fences' incessantly. Could be why I despise country now...

Dulin: What is your most treasured possession or favorite memory? Tell us a little about it.

sliddy: My laundry basket of CDs. I have two gargantuan CD holders (300 each) that hold music from when I was a teenager. The rest is filed in a couple of laundry baskets. If a fire ensued, I'd grab those first. Plus my cat, my boyfriend's dog and the art on the wall.

Dulin: You've just purchased the company, Blip.FM. What is the first thing you'd change?

sliddy: I've discovered so much music through this site. It's amazing. I'd try to offer a little more diversity with new bands if possible, and also I'd give a little extra space for people to share thoughts about said song. Being limited to a certain number of characters gets bothersome if you're trying to intro/send a buddy an artist you enjoy.

Dulin: If you were the leader of a band, what instrument would you play and what would your stage name be?

sliddy: Triangle or the air guitar, 'cause these are two highly underrated instruments! :p Seriously though, my bf bought me a bass and I'm on the hunt for a teacher.

Dulin: Any other thoughts to share?

sliddy: Though I haven't been able to be on it lately, I'm so psyched about this site. I've learned about so much new music and have 'introduced' myself to so many like-minded people. I enjoy all of my  time on Blip.FM. If only you were all closer and could come to concerts with me!

Pete Dulin is the co-publisher and editor of and writes freelance for magazines, websites, and newspapers. Always looking for the next great song, he can be found in the Blip Nation at He can be reached at, and

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