Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blip Nation Interview: Meet santamistura

Blipper since: August 16, 2008

Pete Dulin: What part of the world do you live in?

santamistura: I live in a litle paradise. It is the last beach on the south of Rio de Janeiro - Praia da Macumba.

Dulin: What type of work do you do? Do you listen to music at work for inspiration or distraction?

santamistura: I work with illustrations, and also I do interactive multimedias. My own studio is my home. Music to me = distraction and it inspires me alllllllll the time, for to draw, for to cook, for to think, for to live!!!

Dulin: If you were the new owner of, what would you like to say to the community? How would you improve

santamistura: If it has a technology ready, then maybe the avatar could have a choice also to use a webcam so it could be a veryyyyyyyy funny show of how I dance sitting in front my computer. Ahahaha, and that is true, I sing and dance with all change of blip replies, but sure I sing everything wrong. Ahahaha. But all time that I am on is always the best moment of my day. It's my time to have fun!!

Dulin: When you're feeling sad or depressed, do you have a "go to" song or artist to help cope?

santamistura: Sure the songs express in some way what you feel about your life, but always it shows also more about you. Your taste shows the way you drive your life. The rhythm, it's like your personal beat, personal style. You can't [help but] to catch who you are in your spirit. The songs show relevant moments in your life, what was happening in these relevant moments. It doesn't matter, the important is the emotion that the song maintains alive ;o)

Dulin: If you could be a guest artist on tour with any band/artist, then who would you tour with? What instrument would you play?

santamistura: ahahaha Hard to choose so I will choose a Brazilian guy that i love, Sr Jorge and Almaz and I could play percussion ;o) I wanna rock with youuuuuu!!!

Dulin: How does music, whether playing/listening on Blip.FM or elsewhere, affect your behavior, reflect your mood, or express your personality from day to day?

santamistura: I think I have answered that in some way before, but in my routine the songs... It's like to charge my life with emotions = sweetness and happiness.

Dulin: If you could blip one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

santamistura: Easy to answer, and singing it now...
(back voice - ahhhhhhhhHAAAAAAAAAAaaaHHhhhhh) The Republic Tigers - Buildings & Mountains

[Editor's Note: Republic Tigers are from my hometown, Kansas City! Pete]

Dulin: If you were on a world tour as a Blip.FM DJ and ambassador, what three countries or cities would you visit first? What DJs would you like to meet?

santamistura: California ( I never went before. It's a dream), Sydney (also because it's my second dream to visit and I'm sure make a long tour of Australia), and Tokyo, because I loveeeeeeee the city and the special behaviors that the Japanese have. Soooooo polite and sweet always!!

Dulin: What song or lyric do you wish you would have written? Why?

santamistura: Thinking in the future HTML5 - Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait ;o))

Dulin: What is your most treasured possession or favorite memory? Tell us a little about it.

santamistura: The day that I show the house that I live now to my sons. In a middle of a very bad moment of my life, I found this house. For to buy, it was close and an accident. I never was thinking that I could be here but I was always dreaming to be! A perfect place for me and my sons, and they are sooooooo happy also. Pete, I was dreaming to live on this beach when I was 14-years-old and 30 years after I meet again my dream and i live it. ;o)

Dulin: What band or artist would you like to compose an album as a tribute to your life?

santamistura: Neil Young!! Easy title - Harvest Moon ;o) - Neil Young has a magical power of touch in my soul! When I was young, in every big plan for my future I was hearing Neil Young. After so many years, I meet my dreams that I have forgotten and I live all now, living close to the sea, watching my sons to grow... It's like during your life, hearing Neil Young, you can understand and live many things that you don't make plans for, but it´s part of life. So, the songs by him reflect my vision during different times of my 5 years ago..."The Believer" and now "Love and War."

Dulin: What song reminds you of being in love? Of being heartbroken?

santamistura: Manyyyyyyyyyyy. I'm laughing now. So i will think of my last marriage... Lobão - "vou te levar." Lobão has made a independent CD that you could find on alternative distribution, and I was buying a newspaper and I found his CD 9 years ago. I heard his CD looping. Pete, you can't imagine how beautiful the song is. And he repeats, "I will bring you, I will bring you with me for anywhere I go."  ;o))

Dulin: Think of another Blip.FM DJ. You don’t have to reveal who it is. What question would you most like to ask him or her?

santamistura: I have a question for a mountain of blippers. Why they use a avatar and not his true face ;o)

Dulin: What song or type of music inspires you to dance?

santamistura: Many, many again. I must think for each moment. With friends, S&B easy beat like Tim Maia - "Sossego."

With my boyfriend (if he will dance one day with me ahahaha), half lounge with swing = Gotan Project - "Chunga's Revenge.

With my sons, when I wake up them ;O)) Cyndi Lauper - "Early In The Morning."

Dulin: Any other thoughts to share?

santamistura: Thankssss to you and sure the team for creating this magical link ;o)

Pete Dulin is the co-publisher and editor of and writes freelance for magazines, websites, and newspapers. He can be found in the Blip Nation at He can be reached at, and


  1. ahahaha thankssssssss peteeeeeee!!!

  2. Interesting, I've had my blog for two years, and have been blipping, now tweeting; it's great to see all of these links connected.So many fascinating people to interact with via the internets! Now when I see Santa Mistura's blips I will envision it coming from a beautiful beach in Rio, ahhhh.

  3. you will be welllllllllllllcome seastonemusic!!!

  4. I love the way you included links to the songs - well done!

  5. ;o)) kris i think allll time with sounds associate a images ;O) so all question that pete ask me it has quick a video answer ready in my mind ;o)) ahhhhhhh wonderful world of songs, blips, youtube, facebook anddddddd blipnation!!! ;o))

  6. santamistura, thank you for the musical suggestions. I will give them a listen. I also love the idea of your music coming from a lovely beach far away. In answer to your question about the avatars, I chose one that says something about me and the music I enjoy.

  7. nice juanitaaaaaa!!
    some people use the dolls of blip so they don´t want to show nothing about them. it´s strange that for me ;o) when you show the songs that you love it´s like to show your soul right? ;o)