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Blip Nation Interview: Meet Diordan

Blipper since: September 9, 2009

Pete Dulin: What part of the world do you live in?

Diordan: São Paulo, Brasil.

Dulin: How important is blipping to you?

Diordan: I'm very passionate about sharing music. Actually, since I begun blipping I became very passionate about sharing music. To share a tune is something special. Something that makes me feel the song is more alive.

This strange feeling that someone else in the world could listen to that song and it and this could really change that someone's mood, day, life. I think this feeling is amazing, so when I listen to music I feel more than a desire. I feel a real need of sharing the songs I'm listening to.

Dulin: What sort of work do you do? Does music inspire your work or is it a part of your workday?

Diordan: I'm owner/partner of a digital marketing focused agency http://mohlab.com.br. Music is absolutely vital for me. It is present from I wake up until I go to bed. I used to sleep with music on before but not anymore. Yes, music inspires my work, my living, my relationships, pretty much everything I do. I used to read more than I do nowadays, then music and cinema represent my main intake channel for culture.
Dulin: Can you provide an example of music used in advertising/marketing that you think works well or terribly?

Diordan: A fantastic example is that Egyptian Panda TV commercial. The use of that Buddy Holly song - True Love Ways - http://blip.fm/profile/Diordan/blip/63000453/Buddy+Holly%E2%80%93True+Love+Ways was just perfect. Funny, tragic, violent and cute, all at the same time! =)

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6iHCFiSqIw
See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0PiINfDxP4 for a car good example
The bad uses of music in advertisements in my opinion are basically when you use a "not very unknown" version of a classic, just to look cool and there's no interaction between the song meanings and the brand concepts or something interesting that could be said.

I feel like they're using the song just because is a well-known song, and trying to capture it's vibes and meanings just to stay close to it, like if a brand logo displayed by the side of a famous artist.
Dulin: If you were the new owner of Blip.FM, what would you like to say to the Blip.FM community? How would you improve Blip.FM?

Diordan: Well this is tough question. The guys behind Blip.fm must have been taking a lot of pressure. It's not easy to deal with digital music, record labels, narrowed visions upon this new "uncontrollable sharing world." Most artists still feel their music is not being shared or promoted by the crowd, but stolen.

I really hate the invasion of the YouTube database, but I understand that this was something that had to be done. Now most users blip YouTube legal videos and this is such an useful smokescreen. That's why they did not implement an easy way to filter databases from the search results.
It's not that I don't like YouTube music videos at all, but I think that in many cases the audio quality is poor. There are dozens of fantastic videos that could be blipped, because they're really great, but I don't like to see my favorites thread and notice that there are about 80% of Youtube videos versus only 20% of mp3 songs.

I guess Blip.FM is still the best music-oriented social platform, and I have much respect for the work of that team. @Jeff is really an enthusiast of sharing and promoting undiscovered good music. I think that he did what he had to do to keep up this brilliant site.

Dulin: What is your blog about? http://mordaca.tumblr.com/

Diordan: Music. I also publish Mordaça's Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/Mordaca

The objective is to share good music. Spread good music all around. I really believe that life's a 24-hour journey, and you will do great things if you spend a few minutes with relevant hearings. I have another Tumblr too about, images, art, design, and visual references. This is a blog that I use to compile visual references which could be inspiration to my work. http://myverythoughts.tumblr.com 
Dulin: If you could be a guest artist on tour with any band/artist, then who would you tour with?

Diordan: Wow, If I have to choose only one, holy Curtis Mayfield. But Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Mundo Livre SA, Freak Power, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and Duke Ellington would be great too!

Dulin: Do you have a favorite genre of music or preferred era of recorded music?

Diordan: Yes I can say I'm mainly a Jazz, Soul, Samba and Funk lover. But I really love Rock and Roll and Hip Hop too. I like music from the '20s through the '70s. From the '80s on things "aren't just the same," but there are a lot of great, fantastic things of course. And nowadays there are a lot of great things too.
Dulin: How does music, whether playing/listening on Blip.FM or elsewhere, affect your behavior, reflect your mood, or express your personality from day to day?

Diordan: It is a symbiotic relationship I guess. I use music to promote states of mind, feelings. I also use music to cheer me up when I'm down, or to calm down when needed. I have songs I need to listen to in certain circumstances. But music is also a reflection of my mental states. When I am angry I used to listen to more Rock and Roll. When I'm filled with more sublime thoughts or feelings I tend to listen to more Jazz, Soul, Samba and Funk. When I feel more "urban tuned," kinda upset by things that goes on in the city, urban problems, injustices etc., I tend to listen to more Brazilian Hip Hop. 
Dulin: If you could blip one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

Diordan: Curtis Mayfield - No Thing On Me (Cocain Song). http://bit.ly/ewmhkq or Nitin Sawhney - Mausam -  http://blip.fm/listen/nitin+ sawhney::mausam 
Dulin: What three songs would you want played at your funeral?

Diordan: I don't want to have a funeral I guess. If my ashes could be spread in the wind from the top of a mountain the sound of the wind would be perfect enough.
If I have to choose a song to be remembered for, then I'd choose Miles Davis' "So What" or Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" or even Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train" or maybe Gershwin's "Summertime."
Dulin: Do you listen to local/regional music in your much? Favorite artists you'd recommend to the rest of the world?
Diordan: Yes, Brazilian music is rich, huge and fantastic. I'd recommend a great list of new or "not that new" artists/producers:

Instituto, Daniel Ganjaman, Tulipa Ruiz, Karina Buhr, Céu, Daniel Cohen & Marcela Bellas, Beto Villares, Fil Pinheiro, Filipe Bueno, Giba Nascimento, Anelis Assumpção, Teresa Cristina, Bruno Buarque,Curumin, Siba, Lucas Martins, Sizão Machado, Rosa Passos, Filó Machado, Gui Amabis, Rodrigo Campos, André Hosoi, Grupo Rumo, Jonas Tatit, Paulo Tatit, Luiz Tatit, Ná Ozzetti, E.M.I.C.I.D.A., Maquinado, Cidadão Instigado, Móveis Coloniais de Acajú, Kiko Dinnucci, Swami Jr., Bocato, Proveta, Banda Mantiqueira, Maquinado, Cérebro Eletrônico, Dudu Tsuda, Jumbo Elektro, Miranda Kassim & André Frateschi, Baiana System, Tom Zé, Ari Borger Quartet, Mundo Livre SA, Arnaldo Antunes, Garotas Suecas, Pata de Elefante, Mombojó, Deodato, Raul de Souza, Pedro Luís e a Parede, Roberta Sá, Marcelo Jeneci, Carlos Careqa.
Dulin: What song or lyric do you wish you would have written? Why?

Diordan: I'd really like to have written Cat Stevens' -"Oh Very Young." The lyrics are perfect. Very, very inspirational. I'd really have enjoyed writing Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" for the same reason. But the song I really wanted to have written is Otis Redding's "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay." Such a perfect mood, smooth and cozy. 
Dulin: What is the earliest age that you can remember listening to music? What artists/bands did you like in your youth?

Diordan: I really couldn't tell. 5, 6 years old? I remember from my very early years sitting in my father's car and listening to classical music. Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Mozart, Vivaldi, Dvorak.
After that I discovered music by myself when I began to "steal" my mother's K7 tapes and LP's. I was an early teenager and I discovered Bob Marley and great Brazilian composers like Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim, Gilberto Gil, and Caetano Veloso.
Dulin: What song reminds you of being in love? Of being heartbroken?

Diordan:  In love: Roy Orbison's "We'll Take the Night."  Heartbroken: Stevie Wonder - "Just Called to Say I Love You."
Dulin: Think of another Blip.FM DJ. You don’t have to reveal who it is. What question would you most like to ask him or her?

Diordan: @threebears - Why did you quit blipping? Miss you so much =)
Dulin: Is there a family member or friend that has had a significant influence on your music tastes? If so, who? Tell us how they influence(d) you.

Diordan: Yes @pafurada, @FernandaW and @cabrochette always had a significant influence in my musical taste. They all know very very much about music in all of my favorite fields and styles. Blip.FM is the perfect tool for exchanging music and we have been doing this along since 2008.
Dulin: What is your most treasured possession or favorite memory? Tell us a little about it.

Diordan: About Blip.fm? Guess it is the friends; people I met for real who came by Blip.fm  I used to say that music is the perfect filter. I made true good friends in Blip.fm and I wasn't much the kind that made new friends over the Internet. Blip.FM changed that. If you check what people say and listen to, you find out if that someone you'd want to meet personally or not.
Dulin: You're in a vault at a major record label. You get to pick a secret album by any artist never before released that will be shared worldwide in 2011. What artist/band would you pick? What would you want the music to sound like?

Diordan: Wow again! I'd really wanted to listen to that secret unreleased Beatles' record and I'd like the songs to sound like original mastered recordings, I'd like also to follow the Beatles' original edition and mastering standards so the entire record could sound like if it was released in 1972.

I'd really enjoy doing the same with that fantastic unreleased Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions record.
Dulin: Any other thoughts to share?

Have you seen this? http://www.dojo.ie/donal/radio/busy_blipper.html I found it a great iniciative. It's nice to have some stats on Blip.Fm.

Pete Dulin is the co-publisher and editor of www.presentmagazine.com and writes freelance for magazines, websites, and newspapers. He can be found in the Blip Nation at http://blip.fm/slipperydistortion. He can be reached at Twitter.com/petedulin, http://www.facebook.com/pete.dulin and www.petedulin.com.

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