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Blip Nation Interview: Meet HollywoodKrashKareen                              
Blipper since: May 1, 2009

"Bad music and weddings kind of go hand in hand I think.  It's part of the tradition in a way."

Pete Dulin: What part of the world do you live in?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Manitoba, Canada eh?

Dulin: What makes Blip.FM worth your time?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Listening to music is something I love to do.  Being able to share the music I love with others is something I love equally as much. Mixes are a common gift I give to people I like. I think it's really neat to know that there are people out there in the world who love music as much as I do, and who enjoy the music I play. Not only that, but we Canadians need some kind of hobby during our ten-month-long winters!

Dulin: Do you remember the first music you ever purchased? What was it? Format (record, tape, CD, mp3)? Why did you buy it?

HollywoodKrashKareen: That's a tough one actually. I remember getting the 45 of 'I Just Called To Say I Love You' by Stevie Wonder for Christmas when I was about 8, and I remember loving Corey Hart (the first concert I went to that was my pick). I also had plenty of Raffi and Fred Penner records growing up. My parents were big music lovers, so I grew up listening to all kinds of music (mostly rock and folk) -  everything from The Beatles to The Clash to David Bowie to Buddy Holly to Howlin' Wolf. I think I just knew from a very young age what I liked musically from being exposed to so many different genres.

Dulin: How does music, whether playing/listening on Blip.FM or elsewhere, affect your behavior, reflect your mood, or express your personality from day to day?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Music is amazing! When I'm feeling down, I can listen to sad songs and wallow in my misery a bit and somehow it helps. On the flip side of that, more upbeat tunes can cheer me up, make me want to dance and play air guitar in my living room. It also helps me focus when I'm reading or drawing or knitting or doing anything else remotely creative. I think my taste in music is a bit quirky, ranging from the cheesy to the more serious,which I think reflects my personality quite well.

Dulin: What blipper(s) would you most like to meet in person, if any?

HollywoodKrashKareen: @SlipperyDistortion, of course!

Dulin: If you could blip one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Probably 'Imagine' by John Lennon.  I can't think of a better message to send to everyone on earth.

Dulin: What song do you hate to hear at a wedding?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Bad music and weddings kind of go hand in hand I think.  It's part of the tradition in a way. In fact, I've probably heard the same bad songs played at different weddings. I don't know - probably "I Knew The Bride When She Used to Rock & Roll" or pretty much anything you can line dance to.

Dulin: What song(s) makes you nostalgic? What does it remind you of?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Anything by Bob Dylan.  It reminds me of happy times with my Dad (who has passed away) out in the country where I grew up.

Dulin: With the abundance of music available on Blip.FM, it's easy to get overwhelmed with artists and songs. Do you seek out new or cutting edge music to blip or favorites? How do you pick the music you blip?

HollywoodKrashKareen: I mostly stick to favourite songs. Sometimes I hear something at a friend's house, in a movie, or at a concert and that will inspire me or I'll follow a theme – an original song and all it's covers. I just take it from anywhere and everywhere.

Dulin: Is there a song, album, or artist that was influential at a key point in your life?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Wow - there have been many. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Pixies, The Rheostatics, The Dead Kennedys to name but a few.

Dulin: When you're feeling sad or depressed, do you have a "go to" song or artist to help cope?

HollywoodKrashKareen: Again, there are probably a few but "River" by Joni Mitchell is probably one of the songs I keep going back to when I feel sad.

Dulin: What song or lyric do you wish you would have written? Why?

HollywoodKrashKareen: "Do You Realize??" by The Flaming Lips.  It's such a beautiful happy/sad song. People really need to live in the moment more and not take friends and family for granted while you have them with you.

Dulin: Fill in the blank super group band name. (color) (verb that starts with R) (type of dog)

HollywoodKrashKareen: Purple Ranting Corgi

Dulin: Name five songs that would be essential on a road trip mix.


Know Your Rights - The Clash
Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zepplin
Vamos - The Pixies
Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys

Of course, I would have waaaay more than five essential songs on a road trip mix.  A road trip 'mix' of essentials would probably consist of about five CDs full of songs (it's been known to happen!).

Dulin: What musician, singer, or band would you most like to meet? Why?

HollywoodKrashKareen: I don't know that I would like to really meet anyone, for the simple fact that it would take some of the magic out of the music for me, especially if it was someone I really admire and they turn out to be a huge wiener or something. 

Dulin: Any other thoughts to share?

HollywoodKrashKareen:  Thank you for the interview, and for the opportunity to get to know some of the amazing people behind those fabulous playlists!

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