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Blip Nation Interview: Meet markmac                                           
Blipper since: August 20, 2008

"PJ Harvey is heads and Cat Power is tails."

Pete Dulin: What part of the world do you live in?

markmac: Michigan, USA

Dulin: Why do you blip music on Blip.FM?

markmac: To listen to music I wouldn't listen to otherwise. To listen to something while I watch baseball or run lit searches or browse the intertubes. To participate in the site that allows me to listen to something while i watch baseball, run lit searches, and browse the interwebs.

Dulin: What other ways do you listen to music? (iPod, stereo, other online services?)

markmac: iPod, laptop, and in car.  I don't have a stereo, so when I listen to music it's always through tinny speakers.

Dulin: What song or artist do you never tire of hearing? What is special about that song or artist?

markmac: These days it's Beach House, Fever Ray, Real Estate, and The Smiths.  But that's subject to change. I hadn't really heard anything like BH and FR before I came across them.  Real Estate is great 'cube' music. And, I get a kick out of The Smiths.  

Dulin: If PJ Harvey and Cat Power were in a thumb wrestling contest, then who do you think would win?

markmac: PJ Harvey is heads and Cat Power is tails.  A random flip of a toonie suggests that CP would win ( 

Dulin: What song or lyric do you wish you would have written? Why?

markmac: Without question, the Marine Land theme song.

Dulin: Fill in the blank super group band name.  (occupation) (verb that starts with S) (type of weather)

markmac: Librarian Sharecrop Drought.

Dulin: If you could Blip.FM one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

markmac: Not sure, but something great.  Something muzakish.

Dulin: Name 5 songs that would be essential on a road trip mix.

markmac: Well - I'll be on the road in a few days, so let's go w/ Fever Ray's "Triangle Walks", Real Estate's "Suburban Beverage", Beach House's "Heart of Chambers", Cut Copy's "Hearts on Fire", and Prokofiev's "P Concerto 2". 

Dulin: Do you listen to local/regional music in your much? Favorite artists?

markmac: Not really.  I sometimes listen to the local university station, though.

Dulin: What musician, singer, or band would you most like to meet? Why?

markmac: No real desire to meet anyone.  Maybe when I was younger I would have liked to meet Raffi. 

Dulin:What is the earliest age that you can remember listening to music? What artists/bands did you like in your youth?

markmac: Let's say <10.  I had a Fisher Price record player/AM radio, which I listened to a lot. I remember liking REM's "Stand". Later, it was The Doors and Beck and some of the popular music that Much Music played in the early to mid-90s.

Dulin: Do you gravitate toward certain artists, songs, or styles of music at different times of the year? i.e. Classic favorites to get you through winter?

markmac: Not consciously.

Dulin: Who are some of the people on Blip.FM that you connect with the most?

markmac: @slipperydistortion

Dulin: What blippers would you recommend to others?

markmac: As of this second, I follow 3711 blippers.  I recommend all the active ones.

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