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Blip Nation Interview: Meet Revbeatman

Blipper since: April 9, 2009

Pete Dulin: Where in the world do you live?

Revbeatman: Just south of DC, in the commonwealth of Virginia.

Dulin: What do you find appealing about

Revbeatman: I like the people.  I find them fun and entertaining and generally non-judgmental of my taste.  The music is pretty nice, too.

Dulin: Is there any story behind your Blip DJ name? 

Revbeatman: Reverend Beat-Man is this quirky guy who runs a primitive rock n roll label in Switzerland. When I started listening to his stuff a few years ago, I latched onto the name and began using it as my alias on multiple websites. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I'd be curious to know his feelings about this as I use his name while I blip things like ICP.

Dulin: Do you have a son? (Guessing from Facebook photos) What song would you dedicate to him?

Revbeatman: I do have a son! His name is Lysander, and he's a badass. The other day while critiquing my music selection in the car, he announced, "The only song I like is 'Doctor Worm' by There Might Be Giants."

Dulin: What music knowledge would you like to pass on to him?

Revbeatman: I'd like to teach him to read music and play guitar when he's a little older. I would love for him to enjoy the same music I listen to. That’s probably asking for a lot considering the generational differences, though. I grew up discovering new music via television and radio, whereas my son isn’t going to remember a time when people didn’t have the Internet in their pocket at all times. I just hope he knows that what’s good isn’t always popular, and what’s popular isn’t always good.

Dulin: Favorite song on your favorite mix CD?

Revbeatman: My friend Kloppy and I used to be inseparable. We, and his sister E-dub, were always driving around late at night getting Taco Bell or going to goth night at various clubs. Kloppy totally made the best mixed CDs. One particular CD, that I’ve managed to hold on to for years, he named “Dawning Era.” I think my favorite track is probably “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” by Dead Can Dance. We referred to it as “the snake song” because we had this dance we would do while listening to it.

Dulin: What kind of music did you dislike when you were in high school?

Revbeatman: I was too cool for pretty much everything except alternative. I had disdain for rap, country, pop, and anything old people listened to. Man, I was probably annoying as hell to be around. Not looking forward to the time when my son gets to be that age and thinks he knows everything.

Dulin: What Blip DJs do you follow for their music taste, commentary, humor, attractive but misleading avatar image, or other reason?

Revbeatman: I think I’m following almost 400 djs, and I've been somewhat absent lately, so I'm not entirely sure who a lot of those people are.  I do know I like the sounds coming from:

@greentrees @nastysurprise @angel_boy @amberbrown  @squidbrain (whom I never seem to run into anymore) @Shukitty @MissDiggity @anonymoose @muffinlab @pennydreadfulsnightmarejuice @MyCosmicRebellion @mammara

I enjoy reading the musings of/conversing with:

@DependableSkeleton @LikeAnAngel @Locostavos @NotAsPunkAsYou @CreepyGirl @Halland_Oates @rojdoj

Would some take that as an insult, I wonder?   "She only likes me for my wit, and not for my impeccable taste in music!"

Also, I'm totally guilty of adding people just because they have sexy avatars.   So if I'm following you and I didn't name-check you in one of the above listed categories... this likely applies.

Dulin: You're on a world tour? What three countries would you travel to and what DJs would you visit?

Revbeatman: @Dolittle in Ireland.   @Eliott_is_dead in Brazil.  Is Ohio a foreign country?  Because I think I might like to go there.

Dulin: Do you listen to local/regional music in your much? Favorite artists?

Revbeatman: Not as much as I used to. I do have a relative in a killer MD based band called Treading Lemmings. They do lots of great 80's covers. 

DC does have its own music called Go-go. This stuff literally doesn’t exist outside of this area. It’s not something I listen to often (I can’t name any artists save Chuck Brown and EU off the top of my head), but on the rare occasion that I’m in the city, I get excited when I hear it being played live at a bar. 

Dulin: The setting is Rock and Roll High School. It's prom. The original Ramones line-up is playing. Who's your date? What's the first Ramones' song you'll dance to?

Revbeatman: I haven’t seen this movie!   I was going to cheat and watch it on Netflix, but I just haven’t had the chance yet.  

#embarrassingconfessions #worstpunkrockerever

I will take some original Ramones line-up, though, and I’ll dance to some Cretin Hop.

Dulin: Pick one song that encapsulates your personality, and explain why.

Revbeatman: "Gotta Lotta Walls" by Atmosphere.  I think if I explained, it'd probably negate this song choice.

Dulin: If you could blip one song that could reach everyone on the planet, what would you choose?

Revbeatman: I was so hoping you would ask me this, because I've been giving it a lot of thought. "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. We could all sing it together like in Almost Famous. I'm thinking about setting up a Facebook event that could be forwarded to people everywhere, so I could organize a moment where we're all listening to this song at the exact same time.

Dulin: What is the earliest age that you can remember listening to music? What artists/bands did you like in your youth?

Revbeatman: NKOTB!   I had Step by Step; I probably listened to that tape every day when I was 5.   I would put on my New Kids sweatsuit, and my friends and I would make up dances. 

I also liked Amy Grant, Mariah Carey, and Paula Abdul.   And when I was in 3rd grade, I was really into Queen.

Dulin: What is the last live show/concert you attended?

Revbeatman: I saw Guided by Voices on their reunion tour last October. The band was really drunk; it was awesome.

Dulin: What's your dream job?

Revbeatman: Is there a way for me to get paid to blip all day?  Like if I got a sponsor or something?  Because I think that would be a good job for me.

Besides that, I’m not sure.  Superhero, maybe?

Dulin: You're a talent scout about to break the next music sensation to the world. What do they sound like and look like? Where are they from? Title of their first hit song?


Internet users everywhere herald Gross Pretense as “Most Attractive Band of All Time”

Ontario, Canada – May 5, 2011 –The debut song of Gross Pretense, “Plenty More S*** Fish in the S*** Sea,” is quickly becoming the most downloaded song on iTunes and Amazon this week. With its Trailer Park Boys-inspired title, this song is post-alternative-avant-noise-rock at its most obtuse. 

Shameless self-promotion on every available website/forum/street corner brought this band into the spotlight long before their album was recorded or, likely, even written.

 “Well, the name came first,” explains singer and rhythm guitarist Nicky.  “We didn’t even come up with it, really.  Just typed some s*** into a band name generator we found, and this is what came out.”

“We were really high,” muses lead guitarist Andrew. 

Thus Nicky and Andrew, along with bass player Jake and drummer T-Bone (whose name is likely inspired by a Seinfeld episode, though the band will not comment), became Gross Pretense.   The album, Waking up with Derby Girls, is what Queens of the Stone Age would sound like if they drank several cases of alcoholic energy drinks and made a concept record encompassing Mike Patton’s entire career.    Described as “pure mother f***ing magic” by multiple critics, this raucous collection of upbeat and arresting cuts is an instant classic.

Results of recent studies have not yet been conclusive, but several prominent scientists have suggested that listening to the music of Gross Pretense may be as effective as diet and exercise in combating the obesity epidemic, making this record a must-have for any human being.

For booking, contact:
Dulin: If you could name a music genre, what would you call it and what would it sound like?

Revbeatman: Oh, I’m terrible with genres.  It’s all rock n’ roll to me, baby.

Dulin: Any other thoughts to share?

Revbeatman: Yes, thanks for putting these together, Pete.  And, moreover, thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about my favorite subject: myself.  Wait, I mean music.

Pete Dulin writes about food and music for print and online publications.

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